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The GM Frens Accelerator is a 10-week program that provides aspiring developers with the building blocks to create fun, profitable Web3 games. You'll receive training from startups and experts in the blockchain gaming world and have access to investors who can help fuel your vision.


You're an aspiring game developer who…

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Has built games in the past and idieally has an alpha prototype for a new game

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Is already building a Web3 game and wants to get it to market faster


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Who is the accelerator program for?

A small studio with a team of 2 or more people. The team should have experience developing games, have a working alpha prototype and want to launch their game leveraging the benefits of Web3.

Can we apply after the deadline has passed?

You can apply at any time. However, applications that come in after the deadline date of the next cohort will automatically be moved into consideration for the cohort after.

When is the application deadline for the next cohort?

The deadline for cohort 2 is TBD. After deadline has past, we would review your applications and inform you if you qualified to join the program or not.

What kind of game concepts do you accept?

We are open to any genre of games as long as the concept has a deep game mechanic and requires value to be exchanged in the game economy.

How long is the program?

The program would last for 10 weeks.

Is there funding available while in the program?

Yes. We or our partners may offer  funding at the beginning of the program, if we find your game investible. You also have access to our network of investors to whom you would pitch game to on demo day.

How much do I have to pay to join the program?

Nothing, $0. To help us sustain the program, we require a 1% stake of the total tokens at token generation event, and the option to be part of the advisory board.

Why do we need the initial funds; why not raise from the public?

Having witnessed scams and a few projects raise money and not deliver, we believe projects need to show they are at a certain stage in development to raise from the public.

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Turn your game idea into a successful business and make a living off your creations

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